Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan


Projects Completed


AJN Science Communication Awards

Recognizing outstanding scientific communication

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Nuclear Energy

Losing expertise and generating capacity in a warming world

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Climate and Environment Budget

Effect of proposed cuts in climate research

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IPCC Climate Education

Teaching the science of climate change

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Public Employee Pensions

Building a model to encourage needed negotiations

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Surface Temperature Study

Analyzing and imaging the earth’s written temperature record

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Climate Engineering

Scientific countermeasures to combat warming

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Natural Gas

Estimating leakage rates of a critical energy source

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Projects in Planning



Working with a team at UC Berkeley, Novim has created a series of professional teacher development resources to support the instruction of climate change. The proposed next phase would include a new instructor online interface and community portal to foster interaction, share instructional materials, and verify models with recognized climate organizations. In addition, new ways for students and instructors to exchange information will be explored.


Nuclear Energy 2

Following its 2018 study of the future of nuclear energy, Novim took part in a December 2018 roundtable at Stanford’s Hoover Institution to identify next steps. Novim is proposing to develop a set of interactive educational tools that will complement work being done in IPCC 2. Interactive models will allow simulation of electric power generation, resulting greenhouse gas emissions, the effect on global temperature and the cost of electricity.


Geoengineering 2

Building on Novim’s first report ten years ago, this new collaborative study will help define the next steps necessary to implement limited laboratory and field testing of this controversial methodology.

If the best efforts of society cannot stay within the limits of the Paris accord, more aggressive methods may become necessary.


Artificial Intelligence

Early in 2019 Novim will undertake, together with UC Santa Barbara and other partners–a scoping study of those areas where Novim could best make a contribution to this fast evolving and highly critical field. Cybersecurity, robotics, job effects and deep learning are subjects being considered, as well as the potential impact of government export controls now under consideration in Washington.


Resilient Communities

A proposal to establish an online electronic town hall for collectively envisioning the future of damaged communities such as Montecito, Santa Rosa and Paradise, CA. The same system could be adapted for the real-time local debating of complex issues such as the design and location of affordable housing, and competing proposals for the effective mitigation of homelessness .


2019 AJN Awards

2018 saw the presentation of the first four Alexandra Jane Noble awards for scientific communication. Expanded categories and new nominees are already under consideration for this years’ awards and sponsors are being actively recruited.