About Novim



Coordinated global action is needed to address major interrelated issues such as climate change, renewable energy, and fresh water.

While the intellectual resources and the will to generate and implement action plans exist, most efforts have been impeded by political conflict, slow bureaucratic processes, media inaccuracies and a lack of effective public education on complex scientific issues.

Novim was formed to apply techniques and methodologies developed at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Santa Barbara to address these issues.

In 2008, Novim hosted the first in a series of study groups at the KITP on subjects of global concern.


The name

Novim is derived from novo – the Russian word for new.

The expression S Novim Godom means Happy New Year.


The people

Novim is guided and advised by two teams of extraordinary individuals.

The Science Advisory Board ensures the research tasks and study group leaders are carefully chosen.

The Executive Board oversees long range strategy and provides guidance to the management team.


About science

Articles of interest about the nature of science.

Confirmation bias – a series by Matt Ridley

Science versus policy – a lecture by Michael Crichton