Novim commonly sponsors a number of simultaneous studies. Each study is organized and directed by a study team leader or chairman chosen by Novim, who in turn selects a science team varying in size from 5 to 15 members, depending on the subject nature and complexity.

Team members initially interact and exchange data using Novim’s web-based collaboration platform. Extensive preparatory data is assembled for the team by Novim support staff, and coordinated by a designated member of the study team known as the secretary or scribe. Following a read-in period covering this material, the team comes together for an intensive multi-day meeting that is the focal point for each project. Again, depending on the subject, additional meetings may be scheduled.

To promote open and honest scientific discussion, these meetings are conducted under Chatham House rules, which specify strict privacy of discussion within the meeting. As an additional assurance of confidentiality, only members of the science team may be present for the discussions.

For projects involving working models or mobile applications, a technical team, chosen by Novim, works in parallel with the science team to develop the deliverables. All results are evaluated and verified by the science team. The technical team utilizes the latest tools for real-time interactive design, including data mining, augmented reality and advanced user interface design.

Following the meeting(s) the team leader and secretary will collaborate on an initial draft of the findings, which will then be submitted to all members for comment and change. The resulting paper, models, and applications, after approval of the team, may be submitted for peer-reviewed publication or an alternative form of distribution in a format determined by the leader and Novim.

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