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What we do

Novim’s initial focus on climate and temperature is broadening to include the availability of fresh water, and the analytical tools necessary to encourage best energy practices in the developing world. Novim is also considering sociological issues with high analytical content, such as education, healthcare and governmental finance. 


How we do it

Our studies often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to organize and complete. They are complex, usually controversial, and always run in a scrupulously objective scientific manner using some of the world’s most respected researchers.


Who pays for it

Novim is a 501(c)(3) and in keeping with its policy of non-advocacy, is funded only by tax-free donations from individuals and foundations.

These donations are only accepted with the understanding that they are transparent, unrestricted and completely blind as to outcome or any possible interests of the donor.


Help us remain independent

You can make a difference at any level of giving, and become a partner in Novim’s exciting experiment in unbiased, scientific analysis designed to serve the interests of all of society.

Join with us to support our mission to provide clear scientific options to the most urgent problems facing our world; to explore and explain the feasibility, probable costs and possible consequences of each course of action; and to distribute the results without advocacy or agenda both quickly and widely.

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