Our Vision

Science and Society


Society funds scientific endeavors that reflect its perceived interests, needs and challenges. Science, while acknowledging those needs, proceeds down paths that often change in ways society never foresaw, until one day society finds itself having to adapt to an unexpected scientific reality.

Into this confusing mix is added an additional influence–ever increasing complexity, rendering critical the need for society to understand and to trust science in order to make wise choices in key areas.

Novim was founded in January of 2008 at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, at UC Santa Barbara, California. It’s charter: to use an assembly of scientists to break down complex issues in such a way as to render them comprehensible to non-scientists.

The process is complex—can a dispassionate, non-agenda driven explanation of an often highly emotional and technical subject yield a better informed public that is more inclined to reasonable dialog?

After ten years, Novim remains committed to being a major player in this ongoing process.


Michael Ditmore
Executive Director